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Sirius Black

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Name Sirius Black, aka Mssr. Padfoot, Snuffles
Gender Male
blood status pure-blood, but a blood traitor
date of birth/Age 3 November 1959, 20

Hair/Eye Color Black, grey
Height/Build Tall, reasonably fit
Distinguishing Marks Likely a few scars from various excursions in the Forbidden Forest, no tattoos (yet)
Marital Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual.

School Hogwarts
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated in 1978 | class of 1971

Affiliation Order of the Phoenix, should it exist
Occupation Being the coolest dude in the room.
Residence In a house with James Potter, fondly nicknamed the ‘Dog House’.
P.O. Box Here
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Sirius is not your typical member of the Black family. First of all, he was sorted into Gryffindor, so there’s your problem. The thing about Gryffindors is that they are generally smart people, but have a tendency to do completely idiotic and sometimes amazing things in the name of friendship. This is certainly the case for Sirius, who also happens to be one of the first Gryffindors in his family in a very long time. He is one of the best friends you could ever have, if he’s decided he likes you. (Alright, so he might have a bit of a superiority complex, but you would too if you were the heir to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black.) Regardless, he IS a Gryffindor, with all that ‘daring, nerve, and chivalry’ nonsense that comes with it.

Firstly, Sirius is quite an intelligent little jerk. He would have to be, to have helped make the Marauders map before he was even done with school; and to have become an unregistered Animagus when he was fifteen years old. He also managed to enchant make two-way mirrors to share with his friends (primarily James) when they were in different detentions. He is quick to pick up on things and can generally always find a creative way out of something. (Which is useful, when you are as much of a prankster as he and his friends tend to be.) He does well in classes, particularly Transfiguration; but tends to become easily bored and so fixates on ….more interesting things to do. Like pranks, mostly. Anyhow, this leads right into my next point.

As stated, Sirius tends to be a bit of an asshole. He was raised in a very rich pureblood family, and as a consequence is rather used to getting the good things in life and feeling like he’s --well, above the law. He’s not as bad as he USED to be, hanging around Remus and James for the better part of nine years has done him some good; but he still has an appreciation for the finer things and isn’t shy about getting them when he can. He is very used to things happening as he pleases and when he pleases, and doesn’t like taking no for an answer. Doing stupid, reckless, possibly death-defying things are events that happen on a day that ends in y. Rules are a bit of a foreign concept for him, breaking them is loads more fun than following along with everyone else. He has little respect for authority; unless someone has shown him good reason that they deserve respect they won’t get any.

Bad tempers tend to run in the Black family. As we can see in Order of the Phoenix, Sirius’ mother doesn’t tend to shy away from insults and pretty much verbally abusing her eldest son. He shoulders it off most of the time, but he can be just as vicious as his mother when he’s in the mood for it. For the most part, Sirius tends to be very even-keeled, unless you hurt or insult someone he considers family.

To be honest, Sirius has had to take his family where he can find them, since his actual one is kind of horrible. (Aside from Regulus, some of the time, and also Andromeda.) He never exactly fit in with the rest of the Blacks, and so the family he found at Hogwarts was the one he actually cared about. He’s felt like the odd man out a few times too many in his childhood; and so has a bit of a soft spot for those generally considered the weird or quiet ones. When Sirius loves, he loves through good and bad and that’s not going to change, unless someone does something particularly awful. Once his loyalty is earned, it’s not going anywhere. He loves deeply and will do anything for those he cares about, even if it means doing dull things like being patient and not insulting everyone he happens to dislike and somewhat behaving. In addition to GIVING love, he also likes -- well, receiving it, and (usually) not in a dirty way. He is unashamedly an attention whore, and quite likes being the overdramatic center of attention whenever possible. Sure, it might get him in trouble most of the time; but at least he’s not being ignored!

Despite all the temper problems, tendency to be severely annoying, and somewhat lingering spoilt-child issues, Sirius is pretty much the best friend anyone could ask for. He loves and protects his friends like they are his family; because they pretty much are. He trusts them through thick and thin, and is assured that they would do the same for him. He is generous and kind to those he deems worthy of respect and considers A Good Sort; though he does have his own tendencies of being a bullying ass to -- those who are also being asses of some sort. Ah, irony.

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HP WIKI Link harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Sirius_Black , AU details are being filled in.
Family Blood family: Orion Black, Walburga Black, Regulus Black, Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Andromeda Black. Adopted family: Fleamont Potter, Euphemia Potter, James Potter, Remus Lupin??? Lily Evans?? (They might as well be, in this case.)

characters from this verse: He was raised to be the eldest son of the Most Noble & Ancient House of Black, etc, and was intended to follow in their footsteps.  That means his family -- purebloods the lot of them, were very strict and somewhat domineering.  Their house is exactly the place an energetic young Gryffindor wouldn't want to grow up in: opulent, dark, filled with creepy Dark Arts paraphernalia and cursed objects.  Orion and Walburga were  of the mind that if their boys touched something that they weren't supposed to be touch, they deserved the curse they got.  This was not exactly easy for Sirius, and tempers were always short whenever he was involved  Thankfully, he got somewhat of a break when he would hang around with his cousin Andromeda, but that was about it.  

Then Hogwarts happened!  This was a huge game-changer for Sirius, he finally found somewhere he felt like he belonged. Obviously he met James and the rest of the Marauders there, and we all know what went on at school, concerning animagi and the Marauder's Map and their ...unpleasantness with Snape.. The Marauders pretty much immediately became his adopted family because, you know, Hogwarts is approximately 5 million times better than Grimmauld Place. He would also spend most if not all of his holidays with James and his parents if allowed.

This only served to make the situation at Grimmauld Place more fraught, though Sirius probably didn't help much by absolutely being a 'rebellious child' by their standards.  Eventually things came to a head and he got disowned at the age of sixteen, after which he was unofficially adopted by the Potter for real.  He was also bequeathed a rather large sum of money when his great-uncle Alphard died -- who knew, another Black liked him.  This was enough to let him buy a house upon graduating from Hogwarts, where he now lives with one James Potter.  He IS still a rich kid at heart, though, and a pureblood, so --he doesn't quite know what to do with himself here. Mostly he bums around Diagon Alley and makes a nuisance of himself, someone get this guy a respectable job and purpose in life.

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Animagus: he can turn into a large black dog, roughly the size of a St Bernard. Currently unregistered and intends to remain that way if he can help it.

He’s exceptionally talented at charms and transfiguration, along with wandless magic.

He likely has more mechanical skill with Muggle things than most wizards? He has a magical flying motorcycle, after all.

Disadvantages: he has NO CHILL WHATSOEVER and is also a shining example of a Gryffindor who will fight anything for the sake of his honor or his family’s honor. Or if he just straight-up hates someone. He’s also inherited the nasty Black temper.

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Coercing Remus to ride his motorbike

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Sirius Black

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